Four Rivers Friends

Welcome to our temporary home.

Dear Friends,

Sadly, the Online Quaker Co–op Cafe for East–central Minnesota and Wisconsin Friends near the valleys of the Mississippi, Minnesota, St.Croix & Cannon Rivers… HAS GONE OUT OF BUSINESS.


"Nice try" on my attempt to provide an online meeting place for regional Friends (Quakers), but a faulty web platform with inadequate support put an end to it.

Gladly, the Coordinating Committee for the Four Rivers Friends area is still functioning. You know their work best from their annual SUMMER PICNIC. However, they have no public online presence. That's what the "Cafe," fourriversfriends,org, tried to provide.

Do we want an online presence for Four Rivers Friends?!


What should it look like? How might it help increase and strengthen the connections among Friends of this region? Who has ideas they would like to implement?


So this little page is a place holder. There are a few links across the internet to I wanted folks who clicked on those links to have an idea of what had happened to the Cafe.

And we will build from here, hopefully. As of August, 2017, it's back to the drawing board.

Please be in touch,

Richard Fuller

Please join the conversation on our Google community page.